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Project Manager (Senior)


  • At least 2 years of experience as a Project Manager or in a similar role, or 2 years of experience in technical sales, consulting, or a related field

Preferred Qualities:

  • Experience in the AI machine learning field

  • Experience in the security sector


As a Senior Project Manager, you will lead challenging projects. Whether it's managing vast amounts of data, operating complex IT environments, handling sensitive personal information, or dealing with data that needs strict management and protection, our clients should be able to maximize efficiency and enhance security using Clumit Security to their satisfaction.

Your primary task is to fully understand the client's environment. Moreover, it's essential to correctly diagnose the issues the client wishes to resolve. If we cannot address them, it's necessary to suggest alternative solutions. If it's an issue we can handle, you must devise the most efficient approach prioritizing client convenience.

A challenging aspect is that there's always a gap between what the client desires and a realistic approach. Many times, internal alignment within the company also requires the leadership of the Project Manager.

You must lead projects, keeping two main points in focus:

  • Configuring a client environment that harmonizes with Clumit Security

  • Capturing opportunities that can contribute to the development of Clumit Security

Successfully concluding a single project is a must. Moreover, if you can contribute in a way that creates a positive feedback loop for marketing and product development, it's even better.

Working Conditions:

  • Fully flexible working hours.

  • Performance-based compensation (stock options, company shares).

  • Intensive in-house training for necessary preliminary knowledge for code writing:

    • Rust coding and debugging.

    • Protocol and library application.

    • Data analysis based on machine learning.

  • 2-minute walk from Yeoksam subway station.

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