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Data Software Engineer (Junior)


  • Experience in coding with at least one of the following: C++, C#, Java, Rust

  • Ability to code as per given designs

Preferred Qualities:

  • Experience in Rust development

  • Experience in machine learning data analysis


As a junior engineer, you'll implement portions of modules that our senior engineers design. The Seniors will provide a task list, and you'll be assigned fitting tasks. Once you've communicated with seniors or peers to clarify any uncertainties, you begin coding. Upon completion, seniors or peers will review the code and provide feedback.

During this iterative process, the module's lead will approve the code at an appropriate time. Verifying that the written code produces the desired data analysis result is crucial. Company's standard data sets are used, and if necessary, additional data is secured. This process will involve the support of the assistance department. You'll use various data analysis techniques to determine if the results from the data analysis using the written code are appropriate. It's even better if you can suggest further code modifications based on the results.

Working Conditions:

  • Fully flexible working hours.

  • Performance-based compensation (stock options, company shares).

  • Intensive in-house training for necessary preliminary knowledge for code writing:

    • Rust coding and debugging.

    • Protocol and library application.

    • Data analysis based on machine learning.

  • 2-minute walk from Yeoksam subway station.

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