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Data Software Engineer (Entry Level)


  • Experience in coding with at least one of the following: C++, C#, Java, Rust

  • Graduates or prospective graduates from science and engineering disciplines

Preferred Qualities:

  • Experience in Rust development

  • Experience in machine learning data analysis


You will gain coding experience following ClumL's development methodologies. You'll start with simpler tasks, gradually taking on more challenging development responsibilities. For specific implementation methods, you'll receive advice from more experienced colleagues. It's important to communicate with senior engineers to ensure you don't expend too much energy trying to solve problems alone. ClumL supports new engineers in their journey to become skilled developers.

Working Conditions:

  • Fully flexible working hours.

  • Performance-based compensation (stock options, company shares).

  • Intensive in-house training for necessary preliminary knowledge for code writing:

    • Rust coding and debugging.

    • Protocol and library application.

    • Data analysis based on machine learning.

  • 2-minute walk from Yeoksam subway station.

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